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PMU Rotterdam

I can provide you with PMU in my salon, which is located in Rotterdam. If you are looking for an expert, I am here for you. My name is Laila Mouna and I've actually had a lot of affinity all my life with everything that has to do with beauty & creation. I am very creative, for example I can also draw and paint well. My visualizing ability is very strong and this can definitely be seen as a very big advantage within this profession. As an expert in the field of PMU based in Rotterdam, I also have a lot of patience, I strive for perfection and really take the time for my customers. Do you want to learn how to apply permanent make-up yourself? So enjoy my patience in my PMU training.


Passion for PMU in Rotterdam

Do you choose me as your expert in PMU based in Rotterdam? Then you choose a professional who works with a lot of passion and joy and this is clearly reflected in the results. I have a lot of motivation for every customer and I want to get the best out of myself time and time again. Even if you want to follow a PMU course, you will benefit from my passion for the profession.


As mentioned, you have come to the right place for a specialist in PMU who is located in Rotterdam. PMU is an abbreviation for permanent makeup. Whether you choosetattoo lips or permanent makeup for your eyebrows, I can help you! The big advantage of permanent make-up is that you look perfect every moment of the day. It also saves you a lot of time in the morning because you no longer have to do your make-up completely. Are you not good with cosmetics and therefore can't you wear make-up? Then this is also a very good opportunity!

Follow a PMU training with a real expert

Are you looking for a partner forpermanent makeup for your eyebrows, or do you want youtattoo lips? Even then you have come to the right place. No matter what I help you with, I will always make sure that the end result is very good. I am a professional who works with great joy and passion. This is clearly reflected in my results and I simply have a lot of motivation to get the best out of myself every time.


I have a lot of experience in the work I do. I have already helped many clients, I also followed a course in permanent make-up at the PHI Academy. This course is highly regarded, as this brand is seen as the leading brand in the world of permanent make-up. This in combination with my experience ensures that I can help you perfectly!

Different possibilities

As said, I offer you a lot of options when it comes to permanent make-up. Should you want to apply permanent makeup and wonder how this works? Then I'd like to explain this to you. When I get to work for you, I apply a special skin-friendly pigmentation to the skin with an ultra-thin needle. Do you choose LABCONTOUR? Then you can always count on the best result. 


Lately I have gained the necessary experience and I have already made many customers happy. However, it is not only my experience that ensures that I achieve the best results time after time. I also followed a course in permanent make-up at the PHI Academy. PHI Academy can definitely be seen as the leading brand in the permanent make-up world.

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