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A memory foam top mattress for the best lying comfort during beauty treatments. This beauty mattress can be used for all beauty treatments and makes lying very comfortable.

The beauty topper ensures that the treatments seem to last shorter because of the comfort. 


Body heat ensures that the memory foam molds to the contours of the body. This has a pressure-reducing effect and is often used (in medical institutions) to reduce neck, back, muscle and joint complaints.


✔️ Perfect adaptability
✔️ Forms completely to the body
✔️ Pressure-reducing at hips, back and shoulders

✔️ Extra comfort during beauty treatments

✔️ Luxurious appearance 

✔️Material of the mattress cover: velour. The cover has a zipper, so you can easily take it off and wash it or replace it with another one.

✔️ Filling: memory foam. Such foam does not allow the body to sag, but supports it, allowing maximum relaxation.

✔️ Suitable for a variety of sofas - standard sofas, armchairs and reclining sofas.


The beauty topper is available with a matching bed cover.

This mattress is available in two sizes:180×60 cm and 180×70 cm.


Topper & bed cover: 

• Elastic velvet suede including zipper

• Detachable

• Wash at 40 degrees


The beauty topper mattress comes as a set including:

• Top mattress

• Bed slipcover/cover





Curved matras & hoes set Taupe

Sales Tax Included
  • The beauty topper mattress is vacuum packed during transport. Therefore, it needs 2 to 6 hours to take the right shape.

    Simply unpack, spread out on the sofa and leave it there. After the mattress has taken its shape, place the cover over it.

    The mattress is also perfectly complemented with a sofa cover, a vinyl protection (for the head part, foot part or for the entire mattress). This can be ordered separately.

    This mattress is also suitable for different sofas - standard sofas.

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